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IT  career development coaching

If you are working in IT, you can’t escape from change. Change is everywhere and is happening in almost every area of life, especially in Information technology business.  But usually, human character  is such that people are looking for a safety place, loving and peaceful home, good and interesting  job, steady income. And this need for safety is probably cause of resistance to any change.  Unfortunately for most of us,  pace of living is constantly increasing and we cannot just run away from that. We need to change too and adapt to our living environment. Our flexibility and adaptability to change guarantee our survival and success.

So if you are :

– Not happy with current employment in IT
– Stuck in your current role or position
– Want to be more appreciated on workplace
– Too much stressed because of deadlines
– Want to be more efficient in job role
– Want to improve communication
– Want to gain more confidence and influence
– Thinking about changing career

We are here to help you:

– Reduce and eliminate stress
– Reassess life values and beliefs
– Find balance between life and work
– Evaluate your current skills
– Do the gap analysis
– Create plan for achieving/improve key job skills
– Develop career plan
– Beat initial inertia and during other important steps

We offer:

– 1 to 1 performance coaching  (cover: values, beliefs, motivation, skills, attitudes, choices…)
– Stress reduction workshops (cover: stress management techniques)