Neuro Linguistic Programming known as NLP is the art of excellence, science about how difference makes the difference.

In general, we could tell that NLP  is about how we can use language of our mind (taught, beliefs and mental strategies)  to program ourselves to achieve success. 

It was developed in 1970s,  by Richard Bandler and John Grinder who were modelling first world class therapist and then success people from the all other fields.  They have been studying structure of their behaviour, beliefs and mental strategies. Repeating same elements of structure, they achieved similar success in these areas of life.  At the end they formalized their modelling technology which main focus is structure, not content.

NLP can help with many different issues like:

  • increase self-esteem
  • raise happiness
  • banish anxiety
  • learn faster
  • communicate better
  • get out of bad habits
  • reach peak performance
  • improve financial discipline and get rid of debt
  • take control of your time
  • empower yourself to achieve goals

 NLP is giving you a toolbox with indefinite possibilities. We will use its technique during session or give  some of them to you so you can use them between sessions.


Note: a condition for all sessions  – that you weren’t treated for mental illnesses.