• Coaching is a one or series of conversation between two people (coach and coachee)  with an intention to create progress and  positive change in coachee.
  • Focus of conversation is primarily coachee and his/her circumstances.
  • His/her thinking, actions and learning should benefit from session, so we can say that it was coaching, not ordinary conversation.

Framework  used for coaching session is based on GROW model:

  • G  (Goal)  –  What client want to achieve, what is his goal  (use SMART model) ?
  • R  (Current reality)   – What is happening now ?
  • O  (Options)  –  What are the options, explore all of them.
  • W  (Will)  –  Committing yourself to action. What will you do, when, how ,… ?

Coaching is a basic for all our work from which we use structure of session and models to help clients establish their goals.

Note: a condition for all sessions  – that you weren’t treated for mental illnesses.