Why british employers prefer international workers ? (How to plan your career, part 3)

For a couple of years now, British business owners fight with government about their right to employ the best workers they could find on the local and  international market.
Owners are more eager to employ workers from abroad than British territory and one of the reason is “attitude” .What is wrong with British workers “attitude”, what kind of attitude is better to have and how they can adopt a new one?
I would not like to generalize things, because it certainly leads to errors and wrong estimations but this is not diseases of British workers only. From my practice, same diseases you can find in other countries like Singapore, France, Austria, Serbia and etc. And the reason probably lay in a mix of complex conditions like job competition, lifestyle, upbringing, self-confidence, general attitude toward life and etc..

What lead me personally and created my “can do” attitude was my strong will to live in another country and really succeed in life. For me it was just not enough to have any job. All my working life, I was always looking for the better one. I was pushing myself to be better than yesterday, always to learn more, to justify my existence, to justify my role position and my employer trust.  Nothing was hard for me because I was working what I love to do. And when you enjoy your work, you live in exciting world. You can always find a joy, a challenge, new idea, opportunity to grow. I was pushing forward, taking never no for the answer. For every challenge, there was some solution. You just need to change view, to see the problem from more than one position. And choices starts to open. You could be really surprised what happens when you open your mind wider, when you beat yours internal resistance. The worst thing which you can do is to close your eyes, give up and pretend that problems doesn’t exists. But, problem won’t disappear because of that. When you open your eyes, you will just knock yourself in the wall. My “can do” attitude lead me always to the better company and finally brought me to UK and London. But it was not end of my route. There came another fight, to succeed here, to secure “indefinite leave”, citizenship and to provide even better job and better life for my family.
Do you think, now, from my example, that you need to fight constantly, through whole life for better conditions, for better life, job and other and you don’t have enough energy to do so ? Unfortunately, you probably need to, cause world is more and more competitive. But what is good is that you can choose your fights. And when you go into them, you can win with “can do” attitude. With “can do” attitude you will be chosen amongst the others, you will be recognize as engine of your team, your department or your company. Your ideas will be appreciated, you will be asked for opinion and help. Company will count on you and you will open door of opportunity for promotions and growing further. Your attitude will define altitude  how far you can reach.
Nobody wants employee who always whines,  complaints and see problems everywhere. Your employer could be interested to hear some potential problems and risks. But he is more interested what will you do to resolve problems ? What you can do to eliminate risks or at least to manage them on the best possible way? He is willing to listen your analysis, but even more happy to hear your recommendations. What you can do to improve work, working process, product or company ?

“Not my job” attitude and “can we postpone it for tomorrow” is something what really pissed me off. I saw this in public companies in Serbia, I met similar kind of people in BT in London. I also met them in private companies around Europe and saw that they didn’t go far. If you really want to advance your career, you need to be problem solver not problem maker. You need to set the pace for yourself and the others, to deliver your personal work not to be copy-paste master. You need to deliver more than s requested, not just bare minimum. And believe me that is one of the most valuable personal characteristics which can sometimes cover your small lack of knowledge. I gave you some hints, but to build attitude is on yourself only! Good luck !

Suggested action points for this and other weeks

  • Try to be aware of negative self-talk
  • Instead of I can’t, ask yourself “How can I do this …”
  • Put on the paper how much you achieved so far, so next task is just a step forward
  • Pretend that you already finished your task. You will have then much more confidence in positive result and  be more efficient
  • Read inspiring stories
  • Surround yourself with signs of previous success

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