How to plan your career, part 1: My story

If you need to pick up just only one single thing from my whole blog, regarding your job success, the most important thing is to acquire knowledge how to plan your career.

To most of the people, career is the thing happening to them. It might be same for you or  not. You graduate, got job, then got fired or resign, got another offer, either better or not. Usually going to bunch of interviews, frequently semi-prepared, sometimes desperate to work, sending CV’s to hundreds of ads, accepting any job or position. Sometimes, despite you did all well, you have a feeling that you stuck for some reason, lost clear direction, lost passion for what you do, that you are observer of life and your career , not taking active part.

Usually 90% of people who are always getting better jobs, who are going in good direction with their career, think in a good way and do something, unconsciously or consciously different than others. I would rather say they are working on their potentials which push them towards good chances.

What I did differently from my friends and colleagues  ?

1) I planned my steps in career, trying to be one – two step in front of my current situation.

2) I took a risk

3) I was in trend with market and always try to keep my skills updated

4) Always showing “can do” attitude to employer

5) Never accept no for answer, there is always solution for every challenge

6) Looked for human beings in the others (colleagues, managers,clients) and establish excellent relationships with everyone

7) Always tried  to think how to improve work process, service

Every time, when I got one step up on the job ladder, I was looking what will be my next possible role or  job, what skills i need to get there, how do I get these skills.

When I was not in IT, I was brainstorming how can I get into, doing some side projects or  volunteering. I found out that once you got into industry circle, you can go around, from company to company , but it is important to make break-through into area. When I got into IT, i was looking what are the best employers in the chosen area, what I need to learn and do to work for them and be amongst top experts in my job. These things need steps to plan and time to achieve as well.

I was also ready to take a risk. This was second most important thing for my success. For the same reason, my friend and colleague from the company where I had my first full time job, still struggling with jobs. He was not happy with risk, always trying to find safe combination. Got two times fired, three times travel to very far-distance offices, because he had to do something and life was happening to him. I offered even to recommend him for one of my past position, when I was leaving. He refused because there was too much hard work and it was a private company. But it was role with potential for development. He didn’t recognized that and even was not interested. There is no safe thing in life. Only sure things are that you breath air and that you will die one day. Everything else has some risk and there is no guaranteed and safe job forever, especially not today. The safest thing you can do for yourself is to invest in yourself and your knowledge and plan it accordingly.

I risked a couple of times. You need to stand up, take risk, fight and go further. First occasion, when I took job risk is during my part time job in “Radio Novosti” radio broadcast company. I was taking part in the speakers training and partly doing computer editing job. People who were sponsoring one of the program, didn’t like the concept with the current speaker. Fortunately, I knew these people, I knew the subject and been brave to recommend different concept to the programme editor. Even I wasn’t still enough skilled and experienced, I put myself forward like a speaker, persuaded programme editor, broke the ice and started something what was nice 9 month experience.

Second time I took risk, it was while I was working for Subaru dealership company in Belgrade. I was working a couple of months there, but on some insignificant tasks, almost get bored. Three member team who was leading car sales, correspondence , maintenance management and spare part sales resigned. I got just a rough idea how cars work at that moment and name of just a few spare parts. But I was not afraid of hard work, couple of months overtime, new learning. I applied  for one of the positions and put my head into. After 3-4 months, I learned most of that craft I needed to know, so I could work in my role efficiently and concentrate then more on other  organisational thing. And thanks to my attitude and hard work, i got promoted soon to maintenance and sales manager.

There were much more situation where i also took risk and I am still taking, but  what is important for you to remember is that nothing is safe. You need to move from your comfortable armchair, to take responsibility if you want to change your current work situation. Change for the better ! Einstein said that it  is crazy to expect different results if you constantly repeat the same actions.

You don’t need to suffer, to feel insecure, lost, puzzled and stressed. There are lots of things you can do to improve situation, lots of choices to pick up, lots of tools to use.

In next articles I will continue to explain main ideas I had then and still have regarding career development, steps I took, actions you can do either and tools with which I can help you change. It really works !

Suggested action points for this week

Do you know what really motivates you, what brings you up from the bed in the morning? What do you enjoy to do, what do you do when you forget about time ? Make a list!

What are your life values ? Has they change over time ?  Make a list of them as well!

Compare these lists with what are you doing for living, what are your daily job duties and how do you order  your priorities at work.

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