Wolf of the Wall Street vs Anthony Robbins

Hi Folks,

I  listened to the “Wolf from the Wall street”  himself , a few days ago.
Have seen so many salesman hoping to pick up some trading “secrets” from the master itself.
And i don’t think they were wrong, Jordan was doing his sales job professionally, cause whole speech has been made like a sales pitch with closing at the end.

He took all little secrets from Anthony Robbins himself, mix it with  his own personal story,  engaging public with yelling and screaming “yes”, gesturing, standing and clapping hands, speaking about importance of vision, managing internal state, self-confidence and similar and offering his 3 day training at the end.

Was it well spent money ?  I don’t know, probably it was.  I got a ticket like a present from a good friend of mine and thanks him for that.
Was it well spent for the others ? Maybe?!  It all depends what will you do with knowledge after that.

And knowledge, to be honest was a general one, which you can usually  hear from the others motivational speakers and business people . There was no sign of  any special “secret”.   Even he said it was just his experience, constant self-developing work and correcting.
And secret of success is not based in visiting , listening and paying other motivational speakers all the time and dreaming what nice can happen.
Secret of success, if such exists  is 2 step formula  which leads to  3rd one  “to be -> to do -> to have”.

If Jordan change just for a minute  your state to have more self-confidence and power,  established in yourself “can do” attitude,  use it in a positive way.  Take this feelings with you and try to anchor  them so you can “call”  it in some critical moments in the future, when you really need them.  This is a part of  “to be”.
When you are in these resourceful states, go and take the action, go do it what needs to be done (part  “to do”) .  There is no results without second part of formula. If there is no action,  you are behaving on the level of a child who imagine his future and all stays in head.

You need to go toward your targets, toward your vision, by acting, taking steps, otherwise you will stay only with wishes and bad feelings.

If you do all this things, well, then you might spent your money well  :)

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